Working Feverishly on Volume II

We haven’t kept up to date with our website timeline lately because we’re working around the clock on Volume II. The book will mail in late November this year, in hopes that we’ll avoid the holiday mail rush delays we had last year.

More than 50 Vermonters have contributed to Vol. II, sharing their voices, art, photography, experiences, expertise and stories. These contributions feature a mix of essays, weather analysisprofiles, nature coverage, poetry, how-to tips, history tales, and entertaining stories of life in rural Vermont. We’ll be looking at some new agricultural crops (grains, hops, grapes) in addition to the stalwarts (dairy, maple, veggies). Vermont’s meat industry is also covered in depth. And we’re focusing on wild crops, like mushrooms and ginseng. There’s more coverage of rural life “skills” that you can try out at home and and some cool off-beat topics, like barn quilt displays and why you should never, never pee on an electric fence.

Preorder your copy today by going to the order/donate tab on the top of this screen.