Stories From & For the Land

 Anyone who lives and works in rural Vermont, or who has a deep sense of connection to this place, will appreciate this collection of stories, profiles, history, facts, tips, and just plain interesting information. At 288 pages, there’s a year’s worth of enjoyment inside. Volume I chronicles the past year in rural Vermont — its farms, its forests, its people — while recording weather and the climate, exploring nature, and looking back at the past while also looking ahead to the future.

As just a sampling, in this volume you’ll learn in detail about The Great Hemp Boom, a farmer with Italian roots who’s making old-world salami here, a world-wide seed company that calls Vermont home, composting on both commercial and community levels, making hay the modern way, and how to paint with foraged materials. You’ll read about a resilient dairy industry hard-hit by Covid and how vegetable farms adapted and even thrived during the pandemic. You’ll find out about Rat Birds and snapping turtles and little brown butterflies, not to mention insights on how to cook squirrel and a look at a Vermonter who’s selling bear grease. Ever wanted to keep sheep or get a hive of honeybees or make a balsam wreath? You’ll get tips for doing all of these things, along with guidance on sharpening a chainsaw, brush hogging a field, and much more. There are poems and works of art and essays, along with personal reflections. It all provides a very real look at the place we call home.

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October 2021