Lots of different birdsongs but nothing beats the winter wren. Fortunately, he sings pretty much throughout the day.

Seed starting is in full swing. This year it’s warm enough to make the mess outdoors on the picnic table, not in the kitchen as is usually the case.

Most of the state is in some kind of drought: roughly half is abnormally dry and the other half is experiencing moderate drought. A big dose of April showers is needed.

Sapsucker drumming can be an unwelcome early alarm clock. It’s the male, letting females know how good he will be at excavating a nest site. Females drum, too, but not as emphatically.

Jefferson salamanders are the earliest vernal pool visitors, arriving even when there’s lots of ice.

The hard-won snowless ground got a sprinkled coat of snow overnight. The juncos are easy to see now, but still too many to count.

Tonight an opossum crossed the road from an abandoned house that may have kept it safe and dry through the winter.

Warm rainy night but not warm enough for major amphibian travel – just four wood frogs got helped across the road.